I can’t catch a break. Seems like when I try to pick myself up, life kicks me while Im already down. Someone please help me.

I have been moving into a new place, Trying to move my things and my boyfriend’s things by myself. I just got a SURPRISE ticket that I never knew about in Savannah that a pretty penny, Food is super scares, Money that i made for bills is starting to go, Im waiting for my lawyer to get me my settlement funds, Parents are at my throat over all of this. And to top it all off, my boyfriend, the guy i thought i could rely and count on, we’re not talking because I’m a little too much . Normally when he is around we take care of all these things together, but I’m doing it all on my own. I’m tired of struggling to live and I’m tired of fighting against someone or some force everyday. Its life, I get that. Life isn’t suppose to be easy, but how much can I take until I lose control. Seriously…. I’m on the edge and looking down, jumping off just seems like the only option. Fighting everyday gets me know where. I’m doing this alone, so why not just give up?

  1. fag-viking said: Oh wow. I have a small idea of what it’s like to be in these types of situations. Just keep pushing. Shit sucks. Like, really bad. But it will work out with patience. Make sure that you take the time to have “you time.” That is what helps keep me sane. Do some…
  2. caseybrohannon said: take a break from everything do nothing for a day just hangout with yourself….. or if it all gets to be more than you can handle you know there is always a bed in boston for you for as long as you need
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